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With adrenaline coursing through your veins, you have a thirst for speed and agility across the road. You strive for the ideal line and search for the limit. Every millimetre and millisecond is vital here. This is where you count on the power and control of your BMW motorcycle. These motorcycles are focused on the highest and most precise performance levels. You can demand everything of it – but only if you are prepared to give everything.


Tourers are travelling bikes. Whether you're on the road for one, or a hundred days, they have everything you need for your journeys. You are creating irreplaceable memories, while your tour bike effortlessly clocks up the miles. In doing so, it glides through the world as long as there is enough asphalt beneath you. Your head and your heart are free, because you trust the performance and the reliability of the motorcycle. It will carry you wherever you want, as relaxed or as fast as you want.


You live for the next straight, the next corner, the next green light. Your roadster is in tune with your every command and responds perfectly once you have made your decision. Roadsters are modern riding bikes for concentrated riding fun, equipped for all challenges on the road. The question is.......Do you accept the challenge?


Pure riding freedom. BMW Motorrad's Heritage range captures the spirit of motorcycling. The classic boxer design coupled with modern technology allows the rider to experience riding in it's purest form. And thanks to the countless customizing possibilities - now you can make your bike as unique as you are.

Urban Mobility

When you're on the move within Australia, you are one thing above all else: connected at all times. With your friends and colleagues, with your smartphone, with the city. Simply climb on board and become immersed in the street lights; leave all the traffic and stress behind and only stop and go as you please. On these scooters, you will always find a way through busy streets, allowing you to navigate efficiently through your daily journey. Stop wishing and start riding the beautifully designed BMW scooters. Remember that it's your day, it's your city. BMW Scooters are ready whenever you are.