Side View Assist On Maxi Scooters

9 September 2017

World’s First In The Motorcycle Industry

Motorcycling is all about the intensive experience of acceleration, banking, sound, a direct connection with the outdoors and unlimited fun with your friends. It is for these reasons that BMW Motorrad specialists and engineers have developed a world’s first in the Motorcycle industry: BMW Motorrad is the first manufacturer to offer Side View Assist (SVA) for motorcycles. 

This rider assistance system supports the rider in unclear traffic situations such as dense urban traffic, and warns the rider of other motorists around them. Ultrasonic sensors, installed in the area of the front trim panel and licence plate holder, observe events in the environment. Within a speed range of 25 to 80 km/h, the SVA informs the rider of other road users who are at a distance of 5 metres or less from the rider and are driving at a maximum differential speed of 10 km/h. As soon as a vehicle enters this radius, a warning light at the mirror foot, on the corresponding side of the vehicle, lights up. If the rider would then like to change lanes and use the respective turn indicator, the warning light also begins to flash in the mirror. 

This allows the rider to maintain an overview of the surrounding traffic situation and to detect vehicles in their blind spot in good time. As a result, this innovative system offers a significant increase in comfort, without removing the necessity for rear-view mirror checks and blind-spot checks, therefore not absolving the riders from their obligation to remain aware and responsible.