BMW Motorrad Spezial

26 April 2018

Your bike is not just a means to get from A to B. It’s a reflection of who you are. A direct expression of your personality. No matter if it sports an extravagant metallic paint, bad-ass forged wheels or super-light magnesium brake levers – you show me your ride and it will tell me all I need to know about you. 

That’s why BMW Motorrad is launching BMW Motorrad Spezial. 

Now anyone can customise their BMW Motorcycle to their personalised taste.

Spezial Colours.

The new Spezial colours allow you to give your bike a unique glow. Ultra-modern paint technology paired with accentuated details make your machine the highlight on the road. Thanks to the tradition-steeped hand ruling or hand-brushed aluminium tanks, every bike becomes a unique one. And best of all – the Spezial colours perfectly match all BMW Motorrad Spezial equipment.


Option 719.

Option 719 gives you a part of true BMW Motorrad history. This number has always been used in our Berlin works for custom-made products. Under Option 719, you will find formative special equipment like exclusive milled part sets or high-quality forged wheels, which are available as an ex works option. But also optional accessories to make your bike stand out on any road.



Every biker is different. In terms of character, ambitions, and the reason we want to ride motorcycles in the first place. And quite simply in terms of our appearance as well. We are all unique. We are not clones. So why should we all ride the same motorcycle? BMW Motorrad Spezial allows you to express your passion and unique character out onto the road.


Make it yours.