HP4 RACE Experience

Experience a Masterpiece of Engineering

Join us at the 2018 BMW HP4 RACE Track Day Experience. 

Register your Interest to ride a Masterpiece of Engineering. The HP4 RACE is the first motorcycle in the world to offer a full carbon frame and carbon wheels. With 158 kW (215HP) of power, it weighs just 146 kilos dry. A handmade dream come true for race enthusiasts. Join us at the 2018 BMW Motorrad Track Day Experience. There's no better way to experience the power and lightweight construction of the HP4 RACE than on the track. These exclusive motorcycling events are being held in QLD, NSW & VIC. Register your Interest now in riding this engineering masterpiece.

Event Dates.

  • Queensland Raceway: 20th August
  • Sydney Motorsport Park: 5th-6th September
  • Philip Island Circuit: 3rd-4th October

BMW HP4 Race the Ultimate Racebike.

Disclaimer: stunts and tricks displayed in this video are performed by professionals in controlled environments, such as closed-circuit road tracks. Do not attempt to duplicate, re-create, or perform the same or similar stunts and tricks at home, as personal injury or property damage may result.