The C.A.R.E Concept

Riding pleasure starts long before you get onto your motorcycle. It starts with total peace of mind. Because when you know your safety is taken care of, you’re free to enjoy the buzz of anticipation whenever you suit up for the next journey. That’s why BMW Motorrad created the C.A.R.E. stamp of approval. C.A.R.E. stands for Concept of Advanced Rider Equipment, and represents the unwavering commitment to safety, innovation, comfort and quality that goes into designing every item of BMW Motorrad rider equipment. 

C.A.R.E - Concept of Advanced Rider Equipment By BMW Motorrad. 

C.A.R.E stands for safety All BMW Motorrad helmets and garments are developed by motorcycle specialists. Internal laboratories and extensive testing guarantees the very highest safety standards for the entire collection. The trim material used for BMW Motorrad suits offers outstanding abrasion resistance at the relevant protection points. This is tested under highly realistic conditions in the BMW fall simulator: here the fall and subsequent skidding movement of a person weighing 75 kg is simulated on concrete tarmac at a speed of up to 100 km/h. Not a problem: all BMW Motorrad jackets, trousers and suits are reinforced at the protection points with a double-guard binding and featuring the latest generation of CE protectors.

C.A.R.E. stands for innovation. It takes a lot of hard work to be a pioneer in the field of innovation: As of model year 2013, BMW Motorrad is the first manufacturer to fit all its motorcycles with ABS as standard, for example. And BMW Motorrad sets an excellent example when it comes to rider equipment, too. The aim is to achieve the appropriate solution to meet the various demands made of motorcycle rider equipment by means of research, development and a constant search for the best materials and products. C.A.R.E. stands for comfort. To be really safe, rider equipment has to meet ergonomic requirements too. 

This is why BMW Motorrad helmets are particularly "quiet" and the clothing is fitted with innovative ventilation and membrane systems. After all, only if riders feel comfortable in all temperatures and weather conditions will they be capable of reacting swiftly. C.A.R.E. quality is only available from BMW Motorrad, for active and passive road safety and a carefree riding experience. C.A.R.E. stands for quality. BMW Motorrad rider equipment items often remain lasting companions over countless kilometres. This is why consistent quality and durability are crucial criteria for all C.A.R.E.-certified rider equipment. 

A large number of test kilometres are spent on the road so as to identify any potential weaknesses in the products. No other manufacturer applies this type of standard: these guidelines guarantee top quality - from helmet to sole.


Safety: BMW Motorrad - a Pioneer for Decades.

No one can break the laws of motion physics. But those who have a better understanding of them are more aware of the limit ranges and can develop solutions with which the safety cushion for two-wheelers can be significantly extended. Safety for the motorcyclist also means taking into account the type of motion – sporty or comfortable – and matching them optimally with the corresponding designs: like optimal reserves for maximised riding enjoyment. Increased safety received its first boost in significance in 1976 with the motorcycle helmet developed at BMW Motorrad.

Other highlights were our own rider's equipment in 1986 and the world's first motorcycle with ABS in 1988. And the research team at BMW Motorrad are still working tirelessly on further expanding these safety benefits to make motorcycling even more attractive. Reliability in every scenario. This is our understanding of technology here at BMW Motorrad. 

Technology in Detail. Everything Behind BMW Motorcycles.

Riding a motorcycle is the intensive experience of speed, tilt, sound, scenic immersion and boundless fun with kindred spirits. The specialists and engineers at BMW Motorrad have been developing perfect and tailored technical solutions and innovations for motorcycles for almost 90 years. Learn more about the technical details that have set BMW motorcycles apart for decades. 

Connectivity TFT - Display and BMW Motorrad Connected App.

The optional accessory BMW Motorrad Connectivity provides motorcyclists with an innovative solution for daily navigation, using multimedia and riding-related information with the clearest layout and intuitive operations: connecting the motorcycle, smartphone and helmet via Bluetooth results in completely new possibilities. The multi-controller ensures that the functions are easy to operate at all times.

The traditional electronic instrument cluster gives way to a large, clear TFT-Display, which gives the rider constant access to navigation, phone calls, media and additional vehicle information as well as information that was previously displayed, such as speed and revs. On top of this, there are more additional functions available with the free BMW Motorrad Connected App. 

  • Connectivity gives motorcyclists the opportunity to focus on what really matters: the streets waiting to be discovered. 
  • Smartphone-based navigation: leading the way. Using the Connectivity optional accessory in conjunction with the BMW Motorrad Connected App makes everyday navigation even easier - using the connection between your smartphone and vehicle, you are directed clearly and reliably to your destination by the turn-by-turn arrows shown on the TFT-Display. Even in urban settings, the new arrow display is intuitive and expedient. When there is no mobile network, offline maps can also be used for navigation. For challenging tours, you can also use the tried-and-tested BMW Motorrad Navigator, which of course is compatible with the TFT-Display. 
  • Making phone calls is easy, even while riding. The combination of a helmet with BMW Motorrad communications system and the Connectivity optional accessory allows you to make phone calls during your journey. The rider has full access to his smartphone's contact list using the TFT-Display and can select and call contacts via the multi-controller. Incoming calls are also shown on the display and can be accepted or declined with a simple hand movement. Riding-related information such as speed and gear are visible on the clear display at all times thanks to the unique BMW Motorrad visual display concept. 
  • "Connectivity gives motorcyclists the opportunity to focus on what really matters: the streets waiting to be discovered".  
  • Media: Relaxed riding with the right song. You can easily play the music saved on your smartphone via the TFT-Display using the Connectivity optional accessory. Having your helmet connected to the BMW Motorrad communications system ensures you get the perfect tone. If you don't like a particular track, you have direct access to the skip forward/skip back functions.  
  • With the BMW Motorrad communications system, you can also easily adjust the volume - and also the mute function- via the multi-controller. So that every rider has control of their soundtrack en route.  
  • BMW Motorrad Connected app: additional vehicle information and more. 
  • With the free BMW Motorrad Connected app, there are even more connectivity options: smartphone-based navigation guides you to your destination quickly with the innovative turn-by-turn arrows on the TFT-Display. Moreover, important information such as riding statistics can be viewed via the BMW Motorrad Connected app. What's more, routes can be logged and have images added to them. So you can have digital memories from every tour. The First Mile function saves the location of where your motorcycle is parked so that you can find it easily again. 
Once it has been launched, the BMW Motorrad Connected app can be installed from the Google and Apple app stores.

ABS Partial Integral. Braking - As Easy and Safe as Ever.

The right braking technology is of significant importance to motorcyclists in two respects, because only the reliable technology of the brake system combined with the rider's acquired skills can diffuse critical riding situations. In dangerous situations which occur suddenly, even practised motorcyclists tend towards overbraking the front wheel or causing the back wheel to lock. So a modern anti-lock brake system (ABS) is therefore part of the safety equipment of any high-quality motorcycle. This is why BMW Motorrad, the world's first manufacturer to do so, fits ABS in all its models as standard. 

Automatic Stability Control (ASC). High Active Riding Safety in Extreme Situations.

The BMW Motorrad ASC (Automatic Stability Control) rider assistance system is one of the most popular factory-installed optional accessories. This is because the anti-slip control system by BMW Motorrad limits the amount of engine drive torque transmitted according to road surface conditions and therefore the friction co-efficient. This eliminates rear wheel spin and makes power transmission more efficient, thereby increasing active riding safety significantly in borderline situations such as when riding in the rain. If regulation of electronics is not required - for example on the race track - you can deactivate the system at the press of a button, even while moving. 

Traction Control DTC. Safety in Changing Operating Conditions.

DTC makes a significant contribution to a high level of driving dynamics and outstanding road safety. Particularly under changing riding conditions, on surfaces with low levels of adhesion and in case of sudden leaps in friction coefficients, Dynamic Traction Control provides invaluable assistance. BMS-X detects a spinning rear wheel by comparing the speeds of the front and rear wheel via the ABS sensors and data measured by the angular rate sensor (inclination sensor). The engine control triggers a corresponding reduction in the drive torque in such cases by reducing the ignition position, intervening in fuel injection and influencing the position of the throttle valve.
Unlike with previous BMW Motorrad ASC systems, the inclined position is also determined via intricate clusters of sensors and taken into account in the control behaviour with DTC traction control. DTC is individually combined with each of the different driving modes, thereby ensuring maximum driving safety at all times. Although DTC traction control provides valuable support and is an enormous safety bonus for the rider when accelerating, like ABS it cannot redefine the physical limits. It is still possible to exceed these limits due to misjudgement or riding errors, which in extreme cases can result in a fall. DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) does however assist you in making better and above all safer use of dynamic riding options. For special requirements e.g. racing use, DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) can be switched off separately however.