HP Parts

Hundredth, Instead of Tenth


A statement for all those searching for the absolute maximum. 
High-quality parts made of carbon, titanium and aluminium make every BMW motorcycle a unique one. First-class components give your machine individuality and a point of difference.

Pure Motivation

Are you running at your fastest time? Then show it.
The HP carbon tank trim is visually appealing and with its UV-resistant high-gloss lacquer sets it apart in the market-place. A rigid footrest like those in sports racing provide increased comfort and safety. The high-power titanium exhaust system with its tapered end cap made of carbon, ensures an even more intense racing feeling and a weight saving of 5.7 kg compared to standard production models. The best way to record the results is with the high-power data logger on the racing track. You can store and evaluate your ride from speed right up to heel angle on 32 data channels.
Contact your local BMW Motorrad dealership who have qualified technicians who can offer consultative advice on how you can improve the performance of your BMW motorbike.