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2016 BMW Off-Road Training
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Want to gain confidence on your GS, improve your off-road skills and have fun at the same time? For over 10 years BMW Motorrad has been offering GS specific off-road training and hundreds of customers have taken part. Demand for our off-road training courses continues to grow and more courses are offered each year. In addition to the standard Level 1 course we recently introduced the Level 2 course, which gives riders a higher level to progress to if they are looking for continued off-road riding development.

Note: Depending on a riders skill and confidence level, it may be more beneficial to participate in more than one Level 1 course before proceeding to the Level 2 course.

We are pleased to announce our first Ladies Only Course this year and more All Brands courses, where riders on other motorcycle brands can attend.

Hire bikes are available at select courses, in case you don’t have your own GS (limited numbers available).

Level 1: BMW GS “Adventure bike” course

Learn all the basic skills required to get the most out of your BMW GS machine. You will have a new level of confidence and enjoyment when your adventure heads off-road.

Level 2: BMW GS “Adventure bike” course

The ideal progression from Level 1, learn more advanced skills that will help you take your adventures to more challenging destinations. You must take part in a Level 1 BMW Off-road Training Course first.

Course Content:

During the two-day course, participants are taught the fundamental techniques of off-road riding and will progress to a level they may never have thought achievable. These basic techniques are the core elements of novice through to advanced riding. For Level 2 courses basic skills are taken to a higher level, some additional skills are also introduced.

Some of the skills covered are:

• Slow-speed manoeuvring and control
• Correct body position/balance
• Throttle and clutch control
• Cornering
• Braking
• Ascending and descending hills safely and confidently
• Riding over/around obstacles

Dates and Locations

Date                             Venue                      Level        Days                Hire Bikes

June 11-12                Broadford / VIC              1          SAT-SUN           Not Available     *** SOLD OUT ***
June 18-19               Dargle / NSW                 1          SAT-SUN           Not Available     *** SOLD OUT ***
June 20-21               Dargle / NSW                 2          MON-TUE          Yes     *** SOLD OUT ***
August 13-14            Dargle / NSW                1          SAT-SUN            Not Available     *** SOLD OUT ***
August 13-14            Dargle / NSW                2          SAT-SUN            Yes
August 26-27            Conondale / QLD         1          FRI-SAT              Yes     *** SOLD OUT ***
August 28-29            Conondale / QLD         2          SUN-MON         Yes
September 16-17     Broadford / VIC            1          FRI-SAT              Yes     *** SOLD OUT ***
September 18-19     Broadford / VIC            2          SUN-MON         Yes
October 21-22          Kirup / WA                     1          FRI-SAT              Not Available
October 23-24          Kirup / WA                     2          SUN-MON          Not Available

All Brands Courses (Join in on any brand of motorcycle)

Date                    Venue                              Level      Days         Hire Bikes

May 14-15          Adelaide / SA                      1          SAT-SUN       No     *** SOLD OUT ***
May 28-29          Mt Seaview / NSW              1          SAT-SUN       No     *** SOLD OUT ***

Due to demand we are offering three “All Brands” courses this year, customers can attend on any brand of motorcycle. Extra courses may be scheduled depending on demand.

NEW - Ladies Only Course

Date                 Venue                   Level     Days       Hire Bikes

April 23-24      Dargle / NSW        1        SAT-SUN     Yes

Course Costs

Level 1 - $695 - 2 day course, includes lunch & refreshments + T shirt
Level 2 - $695 - 2 day course, includes lunch & refreshments+ T shirt
Hire Bikes - $300/course - Please email for hire bike availability

BMW Off Road Training background

BMW Motorrad Off-Road Training Courses started back in 2005, the BMW Motorrad Off-Road Skills Training Courses have been specifically designed to give GS riders the skills to get the most from their GS bikes. The courses are a lot of fun, and customers are always amazed at how much their riding improves over the 2 day course.

Contact details

Ph: 0408 876 080